July 22, 2015

Where It All Began..

The housewarming we hosted back in 2011 was pretty much the start of it all for me.  Sadly, since I was not completely obsessed with the whole process yet, I only have two photos of this one.. the cake (of course!) and the invitation.

 The cake was pumpkin spice with a cream cheese glaze
(which I had obviously dyed orange).


July 21, 2015

What's New?

Lately I have developed a new interest of pursuit - party planning! Along with designing custom cakes, I've discovered a passion for putting on a fabulous celebration. 

So I thought I would add a special blog page devoted to all my party-planning ventures! Whatever the occasion, or budget, may be.. from choosing a theme, to designing the perfect invitation, to decor and food.. I'm in love with it all. Parties are so exciting, and there are countless ways of making events personal and fun! Head on over to my Parties page and you'll see just what I mean!