March 18, 2012

St Patrick's Day Cupcakes

Ok so I never tasted Guinness before and decided that I MUST before putting it into my cupcakes!  Well I did and may I just say "BLeCK!"  Needless to say I then found it very difficult to pour that stuff into my batter.. but had to trust in the recipe :/

Below are some pics of the completed cupcakes.. overall they turned out pretty good.  I thought the cupcake itself seemed dry and on the bitter side (from the Guinness I'm guessing) but combined with the Bailey's Buttercream, the cupcakes were yummy.  The Bailey's is definitely detectable in the frosting!  It can almost be too much if you aren't careful.. I did a combination of Bailey's and Milk for the liquid in my Buttercream (slightly more Bailey's :) and it turned out perfect!


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