July 23, 2012

My first Wedding Cake = Success!

Oh the stress a Wedding Cake brings me :\  So much pressure trying to make it perfect in every way (it is a wedding cake after all) ..as well as hoping you've fully executed what the couple has been envisioning all these months.  Well I pulled it off.. my first.. despite the 90 degree weather and all.  I must say I'm glad I don't do these a whole lot due to the stress level.. but I loved the feeling of accomplishment and it's awesome to see the couple's reaction.  Which in this case was incredible.. they LOVED it!!  The bride almost cried when she saw it ;'(

This is a 4-Tier Wedding Cake (obviously ;)  ..Bottom tier is yellow cake with chocolate custard and strawberry fruit filling.  Next tier up is chocolate cake with vanilla custard and strawberry fruit filling.  Third tier is marble cake, top tier is yellow cake.  All iced in buttercream with gold scroll work on each tier (scroll work was an extreme challenge for me!)  The bride provided the topper, which she made, and the silk flowers.


July 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Oliver!!

Here are the finished cake/cupcakes.. fresh strawberry cake with fresh strawberry filling, iced in vanilla buttercream.  His cupcakes are banana with peanut butter filling (a combination he loves!) topped with vanilla buttercream as well.  He loved everything, but especially his 'graffeee' on the cake, which is hand molded out of fondant.  I also posted some party extras!


The 'Pinterest' Punch I made (for adults only).. Super easy and refreshingly yummy!
-A bottle of white zin
-2 cans of frozen pink lemonade concentrate (+ the water)
-2 cans of lemon-lime soda
..mix it all together and you're done!  
We even made some ice out of the pink lemonade and threw it in to keep it cold.. good stuff!!

Animal Cracker favors (of course!).. handmade labels and bows

..and the Happy Birthday Boy!!

July 5, 2012

..and now back to Oliver's Birthday #2

I just finished up the fondant elements for Oliver's Cake.. his 'graffeee' and 'Oliver' which will go on top of the cake.  Then I made some orange & teal dots for the sides.  I will post pics of the completed Cake/Cupcakes this weekend.

..and here are his favors.. Animal Crackers of course!
I put them in clear favor bags, made the labels, and the little bow toppers :)
{oooohh did you know they make chocolate ones now.. which are yum.. I had no idea!}

Flowering Cupcakes

So I completely forgot to post last week's confection.. whoops! (been a crazy busy week)..  It was my niece Mady's 13th Birthday.  She's not much of a Cake person (yes I get those now and then.. crazy huh) so her original request was for blueberry cobbler, which my mom made - super yummy btw!!  However, they also wanted some Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter chips, frosted with my whipped cream icing recipe (they're not big on sweet frosting either).  

The only 'theme-ish' request was light green and light purple icing.  So I decided to do something I've been wanting to for a while, which was frost the cupcakes to look like a flower/hydrangea.  I've seen it many times and love it.. wasn't sure if it would work with whipped icing since it tends to be very soft.. but it worked!  I think they turned out so pretty, and received many compliments on them at the party :)