August 26, 2012

Tinker Bell Birthday

Here are some pics of my completed Tinker Bell cake!  I received this message from the client later that day, ".. the cake was fabulous and Alli was so shocked at how beautiful it was. You have such a wonderful talent!!!" :)

The cake itself is a tie-dyed white cake, whipped cream filling & fresh sliced strawberries, with whipped cream icing.  The flowers, sign, and leaves are hand molded out of fondant/gum paste.  And, as stated in my previous blog post, the topper is Hallmark's 2012 keepsake ornament, which the birthday girl gets to keep.  I loved this cake.. it was so fun to decorate.. I think mostly because it was so girly with lots of sparkle! :) 


Think Tink

This week I'm working on a Tinker Bell cake.  The request came from the groom who's Wedding cake I did a few weeks ago.  He wants to give it to his wife (as a surprise) for her Birthday on Saturday!  {have I mentioned how much I looooveeee surprise cakes!}

He wanted the cake itself to be tie-dyed (his wife actually commented on how much she liked a previous tie-dye cake on my facebook page.. so it was a great idea).  Other than that, I am taking the Tinker Bell theme and running with it!  It's going to be super cute I think.. just from working on some of the fondant elements.  Here are a few sneak peeks at what I've been up to this week....

This is the cake topper, which is actually the 2012 Hallmark Tinker Bell ornament (yes they are in stores already).  I thought this was perfect because, not only does this make a super cute topper, but the birthday girl will get to have the keepsake ornament as well!

Here is the 'wooden sign' plaque I made to go on the cake (this was a request from the client).. 
he liked the wood look he had seen on other tinker bell cakes I sent him.  
The message 'Happy 23rd Birthday Alli' will be placed on the plaque as well.

This was my crafty way of 'Tink-ing' up the cake board.  
I applied a moss green glittery ribbon first.. then placed silk leaves on top of the ribbon.. I love how it turned out!

A tie-dyed cake in the making...

Ready for the oven!

August 22, 2012

Deja Vu

Last week I had another CARS cake.. very similar to the one I did two weeks before.  A friend saw the first one and wanted the same for her little guy turning 2.  The one addition was she wanted a 'parking row' for Lightning's buddies.. which I thought was very cute ;)  ..she put his new set of 'cars' on the cake (one of his gifts).  The other thing I did differently with this one was to shorten the height of the race sign.  I think it was too high on the first cake and combined with the shallowness of a sheet cake, it seemed slightly wobbly.  So this time around I used the same lollipop sticks for sign posts, but trimmed them a couple inches, which worked perfectly.  

 The cake is vanilla with strawberry fruit filling, and vanilla buttercream icing.  
The racetrack, parking row, and sign are all fondant/gum paste.   Here are the pics!

August 6, 2012


Here she is...
Cake is Vanilla, half filled with Strawberry fruit filling, iced with Vanilla buttercream.
The birthday boy's mom told me "He absolutely loved it! And it was DELICIOUS!" :)

Cars Cake

Last week I had my first Cars Cake request for a little guy who was turning 5 (obviously as you'll see in the pics).  His mom wanted a "5" racetrack on the cake.. she also gave me a couple toy cars to place on the track.  Below are the fondant elements, I will post pics of the completed cake shortly.

This is the birthday sign I made to go on the track, at the top end of the cake.  I wanted the flag-type sign to look as though it had movement, so I added a little wave to it as well as applied the lettering in sort of a 'jumbled' manner.. I like how it turned out.  The sign itself is pretty tall standing so I won't place it until delivery (just to be safe ;)

My Racetrack!

 ..made some fondant tires just for an additional prop on the cake :)

August 1, 2012

Butterfly Garden Baby Shower

Last week's confection was for a "Butterfly Garden" themed baby shower.  The request was for 5 dozen cupcakes, each dozen a different flavor, which the customer chose.  This one was fun for me.. the most tedious part was making 60+ fondant butterfly/flower cupcake toppers.. but they turned out so pretty that of course it was worth it ;)  I found this tutorial online where they cut out the butterfly shape with a butterfly cutter.. then cut out different shapes inside the butterfly with other small cutters (hearts, etc.) and various icing tips.  The end result are beautiful butterflies with sort of a "lace" look to them (genius!)  Here is a link to the blog Lace Butterfly Tutorial

Here are some of the toppers.. colors and design matched the baby shower invitation.  
I also added a little sparkle to them :)

Here are the cupcakes (pre-frosting & toppers)
Butter Pecan, Banana, Lemon, White with Strawberry Fruit filling, and Coconut 

..and here are the completed cupcakes with frosting and all

I also made this flavor signage for the shower.. 
just so it would be easy for guests to choose which flavor they did {or didn't} want :)