January 2, 2013

The Castle Cake

My latest cake creation, last week, was for my niece/goddaughter's Birthday.  She wanted me to make a 'castle' cake that was in her Dora & Diego children's cookbook.  I looked at the picture and thought "how hard can this be.. it's in a children's cookbook after all."  Well, let me tell you, it wasn't as easy as it looked.. but of course totally worth every challenge because my niece loved it, as did many others!

The cake is chocolate with whipped cream icing.. and assorted candies, as you can see, for the decorations.  The castle points were made by dipping sugar cones in melted frosting, then rolling them in sugar sprinkles.. and they were the yummiest part of the whole cake in my opinion ;)  ..the flags are made with shiny white scrapbook paper I had, and toothpicks (in the cookbook they were 'ribbon flags' which are made out of ribbon, but I didn't have the right size ribbon on hand so I improvised, and no one was any the wiser ;)    


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