August 9, 2014

Hot Wheels Cupcakes

Ok so bear with me as I attempt to get caught up on my blog entries.. it's been a long and busy year! {see previous post with regard to my recent blog hiatus}...

Meanwhile, back on July 5th, we celebrated Oliver's 4th Birthday! {sniff sniff} He decided on a "Hot Wheels" theme since he has a slight obsession with them right now. For his cake, we chose to do Creamsicle Cupcakes (cupcakes are always easier than a cake when I have a million other things to do for a party). He's been LOVING Creamsicle yogurt these days so the flavor decision was an easy one.

I also chose a pretty simple way to incorporate the Hot Wheels theme into his cupcakes.. via handmade cupcake toppers that I found at Over the big Moon. All I had to do was print and cut them out. Here's a pic of a couple of the toppers along with some mini water bottles I put together for his party. Super cute, right?

Here are some pics of the completed cupcakes with toppers. They are orange cake (which was a doctored vanilla cake mix).. with vanilla custard filling and whipped cream frosting. YUM! I thought "chrome" wrappers would be fitting for our theme.. even my cupcake stand had rims!  You can see more of Oliver's party details on my party page! 

The Birthday Boy blowing out his candles <3

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