January 24, 2012


This week I'm working on my brother's Birthday Cake.. he requested a Pirate Ship.. whoa!  Well this being my first, I had to do a lot of Pirate Ship research.  I'm attempting to make as many of the Cake elements edible as possible.  With this in mind, here are some gold coins I made out of fondant and painted with gold luster dust.  Beside them are some barrels that will be placed on the ship, which are actually root beer barrel candies that I painted some silver detailing on to give them a more authentic look.  The treasure chest/coins is not edible but the pearls I placed inside are.. just some pearlized sugar sprinkles.  I have much more to do on this Cake but it's coming along.  I hope to post some more pics in the next couple of days.. if not, then the finished Cake this weekend :)

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