May 24, 2012

Marvel {superhero} Cake

This week I'm working on a Marvel Cake (classic superheros for those of you who may not know what that is.. 'cause I didn't :)  ..It's for a friend of my step-daughter Emily.  The Cake will be a sheet with a 3-tiered Cake look on top of it (got the idea from a few others I've seen).  It's a great way to get the tiered effect for a smaller number of servings.. and a smaller price tag.

Here are my fondant elements for the Cake.. we did his 3 faves.. Batman, Spiderman, and Wolverine.  I'm also throwing on some speech bubbles like you would see in the classic comic books.. which will contain the Cake's {Birthday} message.  The Cake is for Saturday.. I'll post pics of the completed Cake this weekend.

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