July 23, 2012

My first Wedding Cake = Success!

Oh the stress a Wedding Cake brings me :\  So much pressure trying to make it perfect in every way (it is a wedding cake after all) ..as well as hoping you've fully executed what the couple has been envisioning all these months.  Well I pulled it off.. my first.. despite the 90 degree weather and all.  I must say I'm glad I don't do these a whole lot due to the stress level.. but I loved the feeling of accomplishment and it's awesome to see the couple's reaction.  Which in this case was incredible.. they LOVED it!!  The bride almost cried when she saw it ;'(

This is a 4-Tier Wedding Cake (obviously ;)  ..Bottom tier is yellow cake with chocolate custard and strawberry fruit filling.  Next tier up is chocolate cake with vanilla custard and strawberry fruit filling.  Third tier is marble cake, top tier is yellow cake.  All iced in buttercream with gold scroll work on each tier (scroll work was an extreme challenge for me!)  The bride provided the topper, which she made, and the silk flowers.


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