October 8, 2012

May The Force Be With You

Last week I completed a Star Wars themed Cake and Cupcakes for a little guy who turned 4.  When his Mom said they wanted Star Wars I thought "cool.. don't get that one much.. actually at all, yet".  I was super excited because it's a classic, and something different from all the usual Marvel superhero requests.  So I went to work!

First I decided on a black and gold color scheme, since many of the logos I came across in my research were these colors.  The cake would go on a gold board wrapped in black ribbon, and the cupcakes would go in coordinating gold and black wraps.  I made the black wraps and added a 'starry' print to them with a gold that matched the other wraps...

The client wanted 2 dozen cupcakes with fondant Star Wars characters on them, and a small sheet cake with the logo on it.  I had some Star Wars cutters which I used to cut out the characters, then hand painted all the details onto the fondant (using edible icing colors mixed with vanilla).  The logo, I traced out of fondant as I've done with other cakes.  I loved how both turned out!  Here are the finished cake and cupcakes.  Both are chocolate cake iced with vanilla buttercream.



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