October 2, 2012

Retirement Cake (AKA the suitcase cake)

A few weeks ago my step-daughters asked me to make the cake for their mom's retirement party.  I said "of course! ..what do you want?"  I received a picture of a suitcase cake placed on top of a map (since she will be traveling).  In addition, one of the retirees' favorite books is Dr. Seuss's "Oh, The Places You'll Go!".. so the girls wanted that message incorporated as well.  {I thought that was a super cute idea}.. The other request - all chocolate!

I had fun with this one!  The cake is dark chocolate fudge, filled with chocolate mousse, and iced with chocolate buttercream.  The suitcase accents are all fondant/gumpaste.  I purchased a world map, had it laminated, then attached it to a large sheet-cake board.  The letters for the message are fondant as well.  Everyone at the party loved it.. in fact, it brought one of my step-daughters to tears when she saw it. {Yay! Mission accomplished!}

Here are the pics :)

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