November 19, 2012

'One Direction' Cupcakes

I had a super busy week last week.. two cake orders for one weekend! (which is craziness for me)  First up, 'One Direction' cupcakes as a surprise for my hubby's granddaughter (the same one I did the zebra cake for the previous week).  She was having her 'friend' birthday party/sleepover this last weekend.  Her mom told her she was getting a Dora cake from Walmart ;)  ..I told her mom to video the reaction to her 1D cupcakes because I wasn't going to be there, but also because they were a surprise and she's obsessed with 1D!  OMG the video was hilarious!  When her mom revealed the surprise cupcakes, the birthday girl and all her friends were screaming like crazy!!! (made me think back to those clips you see on tv of women's reaction to the Beatles, lol!)  ..I told them I wished all of my cakes got that sort of reaction! :)

Here are the completed cupcakes, which are vanilla tie-dyed cake with chocolate custard filling, 
and chocolate buttercream icing.


The birthday girl's fave ;)


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