November 13, 2012

Zebra, Music, and Dance.. Oh My!

Last week's cake was for my hubby's granddaughter, who was turning 12.  Her mom wanted to incorporate zebra print (the birthday girl loves it) along with music, dance, stars, pink, purple, and of course sparkle!  So I went to work.. I made some dancer silhouettes, which were traced out of fondant and placed on some hot pink stars.

Then I hand-painted a microphone and music notes onto some stars.  I used fondant markers to draw them on first, then painted over that with edible paint (black icing color mixed with vanilla extract).. and of course added some sparkle.

I added her name, age, and some sparkly starbursts to the top of the cake.  The cake itself was covered in zebra stripes.  It's a Chocolate cake with Cookies & Cream filling (the birthday girl LOVES oreos!), iced in vanilla buttercream. 


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