February 8, 2013

Mario Brothers Cake/Cupcakes

Next up - Mario!  I hadn't actually done a Mario Brothers cake previously, however, I did assist my step-daughter with one she made for her boyfriend's little guy.  It was fun but some work ..and she did a simple 8" round cake.  The order I got was for a 2-tier cake with 18 cupcakes!  It took me an entire week to make all the fondant cupcake toppers, plus the fondant accents for each cake tier - whew!  Those little guys are so detailed and I'm sort of a perfectionist.. so.. after a week of sculpting them, I never wanted to see a Mario character again!  Anyway, after a very long week, as usual it was all worth it!  I was happy with how they turned out, and my client loved it.. especially the birthday boy.. his whole face lit up when he saw the cake! :)  ..Cake is dark chocolate fudge with peanut butter filling and buttercream icing.  Cupcakes are fudge marble with buttercream icing.


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