June 21, 2012

Bridal Shower Cake

This week I'm working on a bridal shower cake for my step-daughter's friend, Mallory.  I am attempting to replicate her dress (in fondant of course) and place it on top of the cake.. as well as incorporate her bouquet flowers which are yellow orchids, ivory garden roses, and yellow billy balls.  All of the flowers are made of fondant/gum paste.  I struggled a little with the orchid.. there are so many different types and they all look different.. I studied pics of them for days!  Overall I was pleased with how it turned out, being my first, and being a difficult flower to make.  The roses were time consuming but so pretty!  The billy balls were fairly easy.  I can't really do the dress until the day of but I've completed the flower work.

I think I'm going to place the orchid (which is considerably larger next to the other two flowers) on the top upper right corner of the cake, her dress will be in the middle flowing down the front side.  Then on either side of where her dress flows down the front of the cake, I will make two small bouquets of the roses and billy balls.  I'll post the completed cake this weekend.. I hope the bride-to-be likes it :)

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