June 15, 2012

Doggie Cake

So this week I received a most unusual request (for me anyway ;)  ..A friend's sister asked if I could do a Birthday Cake for her 2 dogs' Birthdays.. of course I said Yes.. but my next question was "wait, is the cake for dog or human consumption?"  She is actually having a Birthday party for the dogs and wanted a (human consumption) cake for the event!  But wait.. there's more.. it's also her 2 friends' Birthdays, so she wanted them incorporated into the cake as well.  She requested that the dogs' names be BIG and the friends' names be little on the cake.. and to decorate the cake for the dogs.  Umm.. ok.. 'whatever you say' is always my motto! :) 

So I've just completed the fondant elements for this cake.. the 2 dog names (on bones) will be on top of the cake, along with 'happy birthday' and the big paw print with '3' (since they are turning 3).  I put the friends' names on 2 dog houses that will go on the front sides of the cake.  I had fun with this one.. I hope they like it ;)

Oh and check out this adorable puppy paw ribbon I found for the cake board!!  
I'll post pics of the completed cake next week :)

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