June 29, 2012

Guess Who's Turning 2!

Yup you guessed it.. my little monkey will be 2 on July 2.  His party is next Saturday so I'm working on most of the party preparations this week.. because next week I will be busy with his Cake and Cupcakes (yes there will be both! :)

This year's theme is "Graffeee".. since Oliver is absolutely obsessed with his giraffe doll!  The color scheme is "Teal and Tangerine" along with some Yellow.. 'cause Graffeee is yellow of course.  I've been working on his favors, cupcake picks & wrappers, painting a wooden craft '2' as one of his 2 year picture props.. {all while preparing to make cupcakes for my niece's Birthday party, which is this Saturday.. her Birthday is the day before Oliver's}.. fun fun!!

The wooden 2 which I painted to match his colors as well as his giraffe :D

Cupcake picks I made to stick in his cupcakes...  
 I think you get the idea of the colors, theme, and look I'm going for ;)


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