August 1, 2012

Butterfly Garden Baby Shower

Last week's confection was for a "Butterfly Garden" themed baby shower.  The request was for 5 dozen cupcakes, each dozen a different flavor, which the customer chose.  This one was fun for me.. the most tedious part was making 60+ fondant butterfly/flower cupcake toppers.. but they turned out so pretty that of course it was worth it ;)  I found this tutorial online where they cut out the butterfly shape with a butterfly cutter.. then cut out different shapes inside the butterfly with other small cutters (hearts, etc.) and various icing tips.  The end result are beautiful butterflies with sort of a "lace" look to them (genius!)  Here is a link to the blog Lace Butterfly Tutorial

Here are some of the toppers.. colors and design matched the baby shower invitation.  
I also added a little sparkle to them :)

Here are the cupcakes (pre-frosting & toppers)
Butter Pecan, Banana, Lemon, White with Strawberry Fruit filling, and Coconut 

..and here are the completed cupcakes with frosting and all

I also made this flavor signage for the shower.. 
just so it would be easy for guests to choose which flavor they did {or didn't} want :)

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