August 26, 2012

Think Tink

This week I'm working on a Tinker Bell cake.  The request came from the groom who's Wedding cake I did a few weeks ago.  He wants to give it to his wife (as a surprise) for her Birthday on Saturday!  {have I mentioned how much I looooveeee surprise cakes!}

He wanted the cake itself to be tie-dyed (his wife actually commented on how much she liked a previous tie-dye cake on my facebook page.. so it was a great idea).  Other than that, I am taking the Tinker Bell theme and running with it!  It's going to be super cute I think.. just from working on some of the fondant elements.  Here are a few sneak peeks at what I've been up to this week....

This is the cake topper, which is actually the 2012 Hallmark Tinker Bell ornament (yes they are in stores already).  I thought this was perfect because, not only does this make a super cute topper, but the birthday girl will get to have the keepsake ornament as well!

Here is the 'wooden sign' plaque I made to go on the cake (this was a request from the client).. 
he liked the wood look he had seen on other tinker bell cakes I sent him.  
The message 'Happy 23rd Birthday Alli' will be placed on the plaque as well.

This was my crafty way of 'Tink-ing' up the cake board.  
I applied a moss green glittery ribbon first.. then placed silk leaves on top of the ribbon.. I love how it turned out!

A tie-dyed cake in the making...

Ready for the oven!

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